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For some people in Arizona, no one could be behind the wheel of their next shopping trip. Waymo, the autonomous driving unit of Google owner Alphabet Inc., has struck a deal with Walmart in which residents near Phoenix can use the self driving cars to go to the store. For now it’s only available at a Walmart in Chandler, Arizona, south of Phoenix.

Almost one in four current retirees did so earlier than expected because of circumstances under which they had no control, such as ill health or corporate downsizings.Many Gen Xers are being beyond their financial limits, Franklin Templeton Canada chief executive Duane Green said in a press release.I agree with his assessment that people should set up automatic savings programs, but 47 per cent of Canadian Gen Xers complain their income is too low to save anything, and 29 per cent say their expenses are too high (46 per cent have a mortgage, 28 per cent rent).Gen X may also not be as lucky as the baby boomers (aged 53 to 71) who enjoyed corporate pensions and bought relatively affordable houses that they can now sell at much higher prices. Even so, the survey found 20 per cent of unretired baby boomers haven saved anything for retirement either.Williams said he was most struck by the finding that two in five (41 per cent) pre retiree women are still worried about running out of money, compared to just 15 per cent of already retired women.The survey didn drill down on what ages the generations hope to retire by. Short answer for the millennials is that retirement won necessarily be an event, Williams said, will go through gradations of retirement.

Even if you are trekking through terrain where you have hiked before and, during that hike, you encountered no water, there could have been an “event” that produced some water on it since you were there last. It inevitable. If you an avid hiker or just a novice hiker who tries to get out into the outdoors as much as possible, it will happen to you.

TROUTDALE, Ore. A growing Oregon wildfire covered parts of Portland metropolitan area Tuesday with ash and forced the shutdown of a lengthy stretch of highway through the state scenic Columbia River Gorge. States that sent smoke into cities from Seattle to Denver prompting health warnings and cancellations of outdoor activities for children by many school districts..

When evaluating drug makers as possible investments, it’s important to check out their pipelines of products in development. It can take a decade or longer for a drug to pass all clinical trials and get approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and many drugs in development never end up approved for sale. Thus, a big pipeline is promising, because it’s likely that at least some drugs will make it to market..

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