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I am also $10K in CC debt and really want to get rid of it within the year or less to start this marriage off right. Made a couple of mistakes in the past with spending and there were some unforeseen circumstances that caused some big ticket items. Our main struggle was the date nights and dinners, but you reassured us that its alright as long as it brings memories and joy for us.

Fears of Fed taper: Fed officials have been in major damage control mode, since Fed chairman Ben Bernanke kicked off tumult in the stock, bond and gold markets last week. He said the central bank could wind down its stimulus program later this year, if the economy continues to improve.Fed governor Jeremy Stein, while trying to allay investor fears, appeared to have inadvertently stoked them Friday. He said the Fed could “hypothetically” consider tapering its bond buying in September.Related: Fed officials in damage control modeAt the same time, he said investors were overreacting, but that didn’t seem to make a dent in sentiment.The Dow Jones industrial average dipped 114 points, or 0.8%, Friday.

Over the 35 years Flaus has coached, he compiled a 103 80 1 record. He coached in four city league championships, claiming one in 1994. In that same year, he was named Curbstone Coaches District Coach of the Year and Nike District Coach of the Year.

Many shoppers assume Black Friday is mostly hype. The consensus held that last year, Black Friday deals were mostly a bust. The prices simply weren that special, which should come as no surprise given that retailers had been hosting Friday sales for weeks in advance of the supposedly big day.

It is common to have more than one case for your iPad some costing enough to be considered an investment. The BooqPad is available at two price points starting at $49. The Napa Leather Coffee Cream version is the most expensive costing over $100.

Overall, the Bank of Canada is forecasting a three per cent gain for 2017, followed by a 2.2 per cent pace this year as the economy adjusts to a more moderate and sustainable pace.The labour market, as well, enjoyed a trend of strong job growth in 2017 at 2.3 per cent, or a gain of 423,000 positions, compared with a 229,000 increase in the workforce a year earlier, or a pace of 1.3 per cent. More Canadians found work, in both full and part time positions.Obviously, job creation is not immune to the impact of a slower economy.January marked the first monthly workforce decline in 16 months and a whopper loss at that, with 88,000 positions wiped out. Much of that weakness was due to the slowdown in GDP, but also to recent and planned increases in provincial minimum wages.often caution against reading too much into any one month of Canadian employment data, and that holds for both strong reports and weak results, said Douglas Porter, chief economist at BMO Capital Markets.Indeed, Friday sudden news is at least in part an offset to the unusually strong gains seen late last year, and most likely does not represent the start of new trend, Porter added.it does bring the job market back down to Earth, and reinforces the view that the Bank of Canada will proceed ultra cautiously through the rest of this year.

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