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While my family and I were enjoying the Olympics last Sunday night, we were shocked and offended to view the tasteless Nike ad featuring a chain saw wielding killer [“NBC Pulls Nike ‘Slasher’ Commercial,” Sept. 19]. My 5 year old daughter was very upset by the ad, and she had difficulty sleeping that night..

Technology remains costly and inadequately deployed. The study notes that “Fewer than 20 facilities in the world are certified to melt down and recycle the cathode ray tubes of old television sets, and all are in Asia. E waste, which at present largely originates in the US and Europe will travel across multiple countries and continents for recycling putting the al benefits into question and causing additional social concerns”.

Ever stood behind an NCAA Division I catcher as a 95 mph fastball comes whistlin in, and you hafta decide ball or strike in a second? At that point it becomes, um, not something everyone equipped to handle. Or how an 81 mph slider that breaks like the hand of God hit it, buckles the knees of the hitter, but catches the inside corner at the knees? You know in your heart of hearts it didn look like a strike to the crowd, but you, the hitter, the catcher, and the pitcher all know it hit the strike zone. Do ya call it as it was? Or do ya take the easy way out and please the crowd? If ya please the crowd though, the pitcher dugout realizes you telegraphed a message to them: You have no huevos..

No, it doesn always translate to it but their on screen chemistry is a proven quantity, as even in a movie with hardly any dialogue like A Quiet Place, it evident that these characters care for one another and have a connection. Part of that has to do with the fact that they both talented actors. And maybe you don care about actor personal lives, but not everyone is like you in that regard.

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Tyrique Stelley has been charged with one count of unlawful restraint, one count of stalking, one count of indecent assault by forcible compulsion, and four counts of indecent assault without consent. All the charges are misdemeanors, police say. And reported being assaulted while walking on the first block of North Duke Street.

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