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It probably won’t surprise you to learn that isn’t a big fan of unions, since treating employees like dog turds is apparently part of the company’s motto by now. And while it’s still illegal to outright forbid people from unionizing, leaked documents reveal that gets around that little detail by teaching its managers how to make unions sound super lame. For instance, if you’re a manager and someone asks your opinion on the matter, here it is.

More broadly, national and global debt are at record breaking levels, and likely to keep growing. Despite the statements emerging from last month’s G20 conference about deficit cutting, many economists see current debt levels as unsustainable. While Canada’s position is relatively strong, that doesn’t provide immunity from crises elsewhere in an interdependent world economy..

4. HiNative Not specifically for meeting language partners, but a wonderful app to ask questions about languages and cultures. I guess if you reply and comment long enough on a thread you could make a friend? But I use this app when I want a quick response to what a word or phrase means.

Forsman: My plan is to focus on employment and housing for those who are poor or homeless. (This includes) tax incentives for local businesses that hire locally or homeless in general, investigating and seizing illegally foreclosed properties by banks that did not own the deed (in order to) reissue these homes to the general public. (I would also) allocate land for those who wish to remain homeless..

As is common in fiction, tropes and expectations are often toyed with, but to say that witches are not necessarily human in the classical sense purely because some works of fiction use interdimensional witches is nonsense. The mere fact that they have to be qualified with “interdimensional” already indicates they are not what people usually think of when they hear the term “witch”. Interdimensional witches are a special case.

Showing up 30 minutes late to the ACT and scoring a 33 classic Omaha. Cheating on tennis team captain Marissa Mays doesn’t sound very Omaha, but at least he was sorry. But now, three years out of high school, he was just Jim. I been waiting to talk to this prick for a long time. I am not cloying. I am not needy.

Selections from the Marjorie Randal National Women’s Conference CollectionThe Park People Annual Awards Dinner InvitationsUniversity of Houston PeopleThe Oral Histories from the Houston History Project digital collection contains more than 500 oral histories from the oral history collection at the University of Houston, a repository supported by the UH Center for Public History and the University Libraries Houston History Archives. These oral histories, collected from 1996 to 2012, discuss topics including the Houston Ship Channel, Hurricane Katrina, and energy development. Most of the interviews also include transcripts..

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