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The second project of the team, started late last year, is CODAM (Content Based Digital Asset Management) which endeavours to develop new technology and interfaces for visual search and fingerprinting. The early months were spent largely understanding the needs and experimenting with fundamental technology, but in the past few weeks our team started putting together a first iteration of a web tool, for which Chrissy built the interface and Jana came up with a database indexing scheme that so far improves the search speed by an order of magnitude. The IRFS team was treated to an impressive first demo last week, and we are now getting ready for user trials..

I sit her down and say “Look, I know you think your driving is not problematic, and yes, you do follow the rules of the road, but given how many accidents you had and how many miles we be driving on this trip, I don feel super comfortable being in the passenger seat with you behind the wheel. Yes, those accidents were ruled by insurance to not be your fault, but that still too many to be a coincidence. And your sudden stops make me nervous.

That’s too early to start phasing in what could be a long term restructuring of the retirement income system.Finance Minister Jim Flaherty tried to downplay the urgency by emphasizing that nothing would change until 2020 at the earliest. But a spokesman later said the minister hadn’t revealed a timeline.Old Age Security is already income tested. If you’re an affluent senior with a net income of more than $69,562, you start getting your benefits taxed back.

Knowing what you are talking about and understanding the interests of your audience will greatly help the young speech giver get his or her point across. The first step in getting the meaning across is to be aware of the purpose of one’s speech. If the purpose is to explain how to play a game, the speaker will use a lot of gestures and body actions.

An obvious starting point, of course, is to measure accurately how well you retain your customers and what share of their purchases you have earned. Understanding customer retention in each segment of customers, and mapping the differences in retention rates among customers acquired through different channels, on different products, pricing or service plans, and with different customer experiences can help locate spots for focus. But while this is an important technique for figuring out what has happened in the past, managers have long struggled to find a way to anticipate future issues.

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