Best Restaurants In Miami You Have To Try

Choosing a restaurant in Miami can be as difficult as finding the ideal place to park on the beach (and well, deciding which of all of our amazing beaches to visit in Miami isn’t very easy either). But that was not always like this. Just a decade ago, Miami’s best restaurants used to be found in posh South Beach hotel lobbies. Today, the best hotels in Miami still offer wonderful dining experiences, but fine dining has spread throughout the magical city, from trendy Wynwood to Brickell, and from Little Havana to beyond. To meet this new generation of Miami’s best restaurants, you are in the right place.

Three Restaurants Fusion

What is it? With the return to Miami of Florida cooking pioneer Norman Van Aken, the chef’s first restaurant also arrives in Wynwood. The bright and charming dining room will catch your eye, but wait until you see the food.

Why go? Set menus of three, four or seven courses elevate the quality of the experience. Excellent pairings and dishes with good portions make their way to the table in a perfect union, which ends in ecstasy on the cocktail menu.

Stubborn Seed

What is it? This intimate restaurant — seating 74 — is from Top Chef winner Jeremy Ford and exemplifies Miami’s new wave of haute cuisine: sophisticated, cutting-edge, and a touch of playfulness. Ford doesn’t take himself or his food too seriously.

Why go? Even if you’ve been there once or 10 times, ordering the chef’s tasting menu is always a good idea. By combining the restaurant’s staples with seasonal exclusives, you will find that each one is better than the last, offering a host of delicious surprises.


What is it? Half American, half Cuban, but completely Miami, this restaurant in Coconut Grove makes elaborate dishes from scratch. Its floor made with typical subway tiles, its dim lighting and an open kitchen that remains quiet, achieve an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

Why go? Owner chef Michael Beltran keeps things weird enough in the best way possible. He puts cheese upside down on the croquettes, mushrooms on the flan and foiegras on the cakes. Go with the flow: this Cuban-born chef knows exactly what he’s doing.


What is it? In just two years, this modern Asian restaurant earned a James Beard Award nomination, won the Time Out Bar Award, and established itself as one of the best restaurants in town, with the toughest reservation to get from Wynwood. Its airy, industrial-style dining room fits perfectly into the neighborhood’s urban style.

Why go? Chef Michael Lewis offers home-cooked Asian fare and transforms classic dishes like pork buns, Korean-style fried chicken, and crab fried rice, into delicious and visually appealing dishes. For every tree used in the wood-burning grill — for example, to grill the delicious wagyu rib — the restaurant plants five more.