Café Versailles

If you expect a French restaurant, you are very wrong. The Versailles is one of the most famous restaurants in Little Havana , I mean … it makes Cuban food to the fullest (and very, very rich!). We recommend you try a Cuban sandwich ($ 7), which has ham, roast pork, Swiss cheese and mustard.

  • Where? 3501 SW 8th St

The Original Daily Bread Marketplace

If you love Arabic food this place will be your little paradise! You can try both meat and vegetarian dishes, although one of the most beloved is the “falafel platter”, which includes falafel, hummus, taboule, pita bread and a salad with mint and lemon sauce. Price: $ 7

There are several locations in Miami, although the “original” is in Coconut Grove.

  • Where? 2400 SW 27th St, Coconut Grove

The Palace of Juices

There are a few places managed by the same owner, we went to the one in Coral Gables, since it was very close to our accommodation and we cannot fail to recommend it.

The food ( Cuban and Latin ) is homemade, tasty and cheap. You can order dishes of the day (somewhat cheaper) or create your own tray, choosing a main (meat or fish), rice (white or congrí) and a side (mashed potatoes, fried banana …).

They also prepare very rich natural juices! The only negative note is that, being the first time we were going and not knowing well how it worked (there is no menu and there are no prices on the counter), we have asked a waitress about prices and dishes and the truth was, it was somewhat borderline . Luckily we found another who attended us correctly.

Tip: apparently the bread with suckling pig (approx $ 6) is to die for, although we think the tray option is better.

  • Where? 1545 SW 27th Ave

The Wizard of Fries

Okay, the first thing you might be wondering is what are fries? It is a dish of Cuban origin that consists of a hamburger with minced meat, spices, sauce and potatoes cut into very thin strips and fried… hence the name. The original “frita” costs $ 4, if you want to add an egg (“fried on horseback”) it costs $ 5.35 and if you want double the meat, it costs $ 6.35.

  • Where? 5828 SW 8th St West Miami